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The league and club championship are hosted by the XQuest Club and not XQuest Archery Inc.

The league is a fun introduction to competition hosted twice annually through XQuest. Its a great way to ease into, or stay active, in scoring on a target.

And the club championship, held once annually in the spring, is a great way to show off your skill and win ultimate club bragging rights!

Club League & Championship

XQuest Club Social Programming

The XQuest Community

XQuest is more than just a facility, or competitive training centre, we are a club first and foremost. In that spirit, it is important to us that we generate a sense of community within our club.

In order to help us achieve this, and stay connected, we have a community Discord where we keep members and class participants updated on the goings on around the range.

Friday Night Socials

Once a month, during the indoor season, XQuest holds a social night to celebrate members and class participants alike. We hold these social nights to help members connect with one another and to create a sense of community. But most of all we hold these events to demonstrate to everyone that archery can be a really fun sport.

Social nights run from : 6.00p – 8.00p

Social Events are only open to those currently enrolled in class or to those currently part of the general membership.

Members pay $5, Non-Members pay $15 at the door.

Has your child always been interested in Archery? Give them the best start possible by enrolling them this 5-day, full week program offering campers an immersive archery experience.

Each week we will dive into new archery related themes to keep them engaged and help them relate this millennia old sport to current culture. We have designed the camp to allow for each participant to gain the basics of the Olympic Recurve shot and scoring system while remaining engrossed in archery related games and activities. All culminating on the Friday with a light and friendly competition.

Archery, like most sports, is an activity best performed in moderation and our camp program certainly takes this into consideration! During the day we will be participating on and off in active lessons (up to 3 hours daily) interspersed with fun games and activities that will not break with the overall experience.

Available to Youth between the ages of 10 & 14.

Instructors & Camp Facilitators

The Archery Camp is run under the direction of Janice Clark, one of Canada’s few NCCP Certified Competition Development Coaches. Janice has competed on the international stage receiving invitations to the 2012 London Olympics Trials and the 2015 PanAm Trials placing 5th in both. Qualifying her as a nationally ranked athlete, medalling gold 10+ times and currently holding 3 Canadian Records.

Instruction is lead by Jessica Beauchamp. Jessica B is an NCCP Certified Coach of Intermediate athletes specializing in youth development. With more that 11 years of coaching experience it is her passion to bring fun and creativity to the sport.

Youth Development is lead by Jessica Weston. Jessica W is an ECE with 10 years of childcare experience. Under her guidance, our program brings a balance of play and learning, ushering the participant through the world of Archery.

Refund & Transfer Policies

Late pickups are subject to a $10.00 fee per 15 minutes.

Refunds are subject to a $20.00 plus HST administration fee per individual and are accepted up to 7 days in advance of the program.

Transfers are subject to availability and require 48 hours notice prior to the start of your original registration.

2024 Summer Camps


As a recreational archer, it might surprise you to learn that competitions aren’t as inaccessible as you may have once believed! Athletes of all ages participate monthly in a variety of competitions across Ontario to varying degrees of success (the success being defined by the Athlete themselves, of course!). And you could to if you so choose.

We understand that the notion of competing may feel intimidating – we felt the same when we started – but with a little preparation and knowledge, you’ll be able to set yourself up for a most enjoyable experience!

Never be afraid to ask questions. We’re more than happy to answer. So if you’re looking for either: a competition at XQuest archery, or even just more information. Click the link to the left.

Refund & Transfer Policies

Refunds and transfers are subject to a $10.00 plus HST administration fee per individual and are accepted up to 7 days in advance of the competition.

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