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Drop Ins

At XQuest Archery

XQuest offers two types of drop ins, the descriptions of both you can found below.

The first being a program reserved directly for XQuest Lesson Participants and includes the option for equipment rentals. The alternate drop in is one reserved for those simply wanting a space to practice and already have experience in the sport.

Please continue reading to determine which variant applies to you.

Drop Ins are NOT walk ins, we require that you sign up to occupy a space. We do this to provide a safe and enjoyable space for all.

Lesson Program Drop Ins

This is not a “walk-in” program and does require a booking.

Ready to continue your practice?


We’ve heard you – you want more time to practice while you’re taking lessons – so we’re providing that opportunity through our lesson drop in and equipment rental program!

This program is a way to allow lesson participants to book time during open range hours. You can book an hour of time and rent our class equipment for use in practice outside of lessons programming.

The drop in and equipment rental program is available to those currently enrolled in a level one, two, or three course OR anyone who has participated in a course within the past three months.

The duration of access exists from the start date of your most recent course and lasts for 90 days.

If you are having trouble accessing the program on the pro shop website, please first try logging in with the email you used to purchase your classes. If this still doesn’t work, please phone the shop during pro shop hours for assistance.


For YOUTH 12+ and ADULTS.

This program is not a walk-in program and must be booked in advance. This is also not an opportunity for additional coaching, instead this is a time for individual practice.

Upon arrival, you MUST stop by the pro shop desk to sign in and pick up your drop in badge for your session.

The advantage to taking lessons is the discounted drop in & equipment rental! Truly.


Drop in range time is meant for lesson participants who already own their own equipment, don’t need to rent anything, and is available for an hour at a time.

This is not a “walk in” option and does require advanced booking:


Drop Ins are $15.00 plus HST per hour.


Drop in & Equipment Rental range time is meant for lesson participants who do not own their own equipment and would therefore need to rent the relevant equipment for the hour time slot.

This is not a “walk in” option and does require advanced booking:


Drop Ins & Equipment Rentals are $30.00 plus HST per hour.

Range Drop Ins

While we understand that finding a range to practice at can be difficult, we do still have some requirements that must be met before you can register for a drop in slot.

Persons looking to book a drop in MUST have taken our Range Safety Evaluation through XQuest Archery before booking for the first time.

You must also maintain an active Archery Ontario or FTAQ Quebec membership (depending on your province of residence).

  1. NO broadhead arrows or field points are to be shot on the range target system.
  2. NO crossbows are allowed in the range.
  3. Recurve and compounds may not exceed 50 pounds draw weight.
  4. All World Archery equipment rules are followed, including arrow diameter.


Equipment must be inspected prior to first use in the range.

We reserve the right to inspect equipment at any time. If you are found to be in violation of the equipment rules, you will be asked to leave and the remainder of your time in the range will be forfeit.


Drop in members will be referred to as “Members” below.

  1. It is the member’s responsibility to sign into the range log for every visit (sign in at the pro shop front desk).
  2. Members must abide by the range rules.
  3. Members are to assume responsibility for their own equipment; Xquest Archery is not responsible for lost, stolen, broken or damaged equipment.
  4. All minors must be supervised by their parent or legal guardian.  Parents and legal guardians must be familiar with all range safety rules and may not leave the range while their minor is actively shooting.
  5. All vehicles that interfere with safe range use are prohibited (e.g. skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, inline skates, etc.) with the exception of service vehicles.
  6. No vehicles to be left on the premises.
  7. Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused permission to shoot and asked to leave the property.
  8. Anyone refused access under the above rule (7) will therefore forfeit their range time without refund.
  9. Members found to be contravening range policies will be given a warning for their first offence, fined for their second offence and member privileges will be cancelled upon the third offence with no refund.

This is not a “walk in” option and does require advanced booking:


Drop Ins are $30.00 plus HST per hour. Equipment Rentals are not available.

This is not a “walk-in” program and does require a booking.

Ready to book your range time?


Equipment Rentals are not available.

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