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League Registrations

The league and club championship are hosted by the XQuest Club and not XQuest Archery Inc.

To register for the league, please see Janice or available Pro Shop associate in the range. The cost to register is $10.00 (CASH ONLY) per season. Registration fees go towards funding club activities and the competitive youth athlete fund.

To confirm registration, and that your scores have been registered, click the link to the left. Please allow time for your registration and scores to be uploaded.

Club League

At XQuest Archery

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”


Wayne Gretzky

The league is a fun introduction to competition hosted twice annually through XQuest. Its a great way to ease into, or stay active, in scoring on a target.

The league runs in the “fall” and “winter” for 13 or 14 weeks each season and costs $10.00 to join (per season).

To effectively participate, a league registrant must submit a minimum of 6 scores – one 30 arrow score per week – and must be the first league score you shoot each week. Theoretically, a participant could shoot as many league scores as they want within a week, however you are only ever permitted to submit the first score shot.

Although there ARE 13 weeks in which you could submit a score this season, you MUST submit a minimum of 6 scores to qualify.

To determine the winner of the league, your top 6 scores are averaged, and the highest average score wins.

You can submit your score by sliding it under the office door during off hours. Or by handing it to one of our staff or coaches.

The winner of each category has their name immortalized on XQuest’s wall mounted club league plaque.

Adult (18+)

League participants who are 18 and older will be competing in the adult category.

Adults shoot a 40cm target at 18m.

Youth (17 & under)

League participants who are 17 and under will be competing in the youth category. Regardless of the size of target, the youth category is a single category.

Youths between 15 and 17 shoot a 40cm target at 18m.

Youths 14 and under shoot a 60cm target at 18m.

Club Championship

At XQuest Archery

The club champion has ultimate bragging rights and a trophy!

To participate in the club championship, one must have completed either the fall or winter league, or both. It is important to us that we create a level playing ground for all those wishing to compete, so we use your top 6 or 12 scores (if you competed in both leagues) to determine your handicap for the tournament.

The way that your handicap is calculated is by taking your average score and subtracting it from 290. For example, if your average score is 240 then you would have a handicap of 50 points (290-240=50).

The handicap would be added to your final score at the completion of the championship tournament. Thus allowing for everyone to compete fairly.

The championship costs $10.00 to participate, you can sign up using the same method as the league. Sign up will commence in spring of 2024 and be announced on our discord community.

The next club championship will be held on Sunday April 28, 2024.

Our Current Club Champion:

Alison Langley


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