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Competition Development Coach

Janice has been involved in the sport since 2006 after taking archery lessons with her daughter in Ottawa, ON. She was hooked after her first lesson and has never looked back.

A former National Level Athlete herself, medaling in numerous Provincial and National Championships, Janice maintains 3 shooting records for Master Recurve Women.

In 2012, she competed in the trials for the London Olympics and then again in 2015 for the Pan Am Championships.

Truly an accomplished archer, she has now dedicated her love of the sport to training the next generation. As a coach, she has found enjoyment in teaching all levels from beginner/novices to high performance athletes.

Janice currently holds the NCCP Certification of Competition Development Coach.


  1. Owner of XQuest Archery
  2. Certified Competition Development Coach
  3. Certified Instructor of Intermediate Archers
  4. Certified Instructor of Beginner Archers
  5. Certified Coach Developer Instructor of Beginner
  6. Archery Canada Coaching Committee Member
  7. Ontario Summer Games Coach
  8. Certified in First Aid
  9. Certified Range Safety Officer
  10. Trained Master Coach Developer









Janice Clark

Instructor of Intermediate Archers









Marie-France Dufour

Marie-France came to archery after a long and fruitful career as a national and international fencing competitor, coach, and referee.

Despite her late arrival in archery, she immediately embraced the sport and started competing, attending several national and regional championships over the last few years.  She also began working with Janice at honing her coaching skill to transition from her previous sport to archery.

Marie-France has keenly pursued her coaching development through the National Coaching Certification Program and continues attending regular classes or other special functions.

Always interested in acquiring greater knowledge of all areas of archery, she has taken on the task of qualifying as a judge and assists the club in that capacity as well.

Her involvement with the club also covers the area of administration as a serving Executive Committee member of the XQuest Archery Club Board of Directors.

  1. Certified Instructor of Intermediate Archers
  2. Certified Instructor of Beginner Archers
  3. Certified Range Officer
  4. Certified Provincial Judge Candidate
  5. Certifed First Responder – First Aid-CPR-AED
  6. XQuest Archery Club President
  7. Archery Canada Board of Directors Member

After a childhood of making bows and arrows from twigs and string, Doreen shot on the varsity team in her final year of university.  She did not return to the sport until about 10 years ago.

Doreen has shot provincial and national indoor events, earning the odd medal in her age group, but is largely a recreational shooter.

She is a firm believer in giving back to the sport as a volunteer instructor and member of the XQuest Archery Club Executive.

Doreen brings a wealth of experience administrating and coaching other sports (hockey, ringette, softball) and was the racquetball Pro at the RA Centre.

  1. Certified Instructor of Intermediate Archers
  2. Certied Instructor of Beginner Archers
  3. Certified in Stnadard First Aid & CPR/AED
  4. NCCP Trained in Hockey, Ringette, Softball, Racquetball
  5. XQuest Archery Club Executive Vice President









Doreen Howes

Instructor of Beginner Archers









Sherise Charles

Sherise participated in various recreational sports for years before starting archery lessons with Janice after moving to Ottawa in 2018. That initial interest quickly developed into a passion for the sport, and in a year she joined the XQuest Competitive Development group to train to participate in local, provincial and national tournaments.

Sherise has participated in the 2020 Provincial OAA 10-Ring Championships and National OAA 10-Ring Championships.

Sherise is NCCP certified as an Instructor of Beginner Archers. Sherise loves interacting with archers new to the sport and draws on her own experiences in archery to inspire and encourage enthusiasm in the learning and development of basic techniques for long-term success.

  1. NCCP Certified Instructor of Beginner Archers.

Benson began lessons in 2014 and has been an active community volunteer from the very beginning.  A year later, he began facilitating weekly courses as a coaching assistant on a regular basis.

Benson is a recreational archer and competes in locally-hosted events.  Benson specializes in indoor (18m standard) archery and has competed in affiliated tournaments at provincial, national and MICA levels.  Benson also competed in the 2018 Ontario Outdoor Provincial Championship.

Benson draws on a multi-sport background and brings with him a love of inspiring new athletes to the archery range.

Benson currently holds the NCCP Certification of Instructor of Beginner Archers.

  1. NCCP Certified Instructor of Beginner Archers.









Benson Yee

Range Safety Officers





Janice Clark

Marie-France Dufour

Sherise Charles

Roger Lemieux

Bruce Harding

Stacey Money

Kent Wun

Daniel O’Driscoll

Sara Munro

Jessica Weston

Alison Langley

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