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XQuest Competitive Program

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Registration in this program requires a minimum 3-month commitment and is available to youth ages 10 to 17 years of age and adults 18 years and older.  Access to the program is by invitation.  Athletes enrolled in this program are interested in training towards meeting the demands of competition.

Equipment can be provided for your first quarter but archers would benefit from having their own equipment.

Facility membership fees are included in our fee structure but a current membership to Archery Ontario is required.


Our Youth and Adult Competitive Program is focused on assisting archers in building the discipline and dedication necessary to optimize individual skills in combination with training to realize personal goals and potential.

This program provides every participant with a chance to succeed through the development of long-term skills such as confidence, perseverance, sportsmanship, goal setting, respect, a strong work ethic and a sense of accomplishment in their abilities.

Archery teaches participants fundamental movement skills, fundamental sport skills and the ABC’s – agility, balance, coordination and speed – of physical literacy.

Archery’s Long-Term Archer Development (LTAD) model consists of seven stages.

  • Active Start (0 years in sport) – Learn fundamental movement and link them in play settings
  • FUNdementals (0 – 4 years in sport) – Builds overall motor skills with an emphasis on initiation, sport basics and safety.
  • Learn to Shoot (1 – 4 years in sport) – Develops overall sport skills with an emphasis on development of form.
  • Train to Shoot (2 – 8 years in sport) – Establishes an aerobic base, develops speed and strength, and consolidates sport-specific skills
  • Train to Compete (4 – 10 years in sport) – Optimizes physical preparation and sport-specific skills, while learning competition and performance skills
  • Shoot to Excel (7+ years in sports) – Maximizes overall skills and preparation while perfecting focus and flow, and shooting for rankings
  • Shoot for Life (Any Age) – Encourages lifelong participation, whether competitive or recreational, in physical activity and/or sport

XQuest Archery’s Competitive Program will focus on the Learn to Shoot and Train to Shoot stages of Long-Term Archer Development.

Athletes involved in the Competitive Program should be shooting, at a minimum, one other session per week. Youth are eligible for competitive funding through our Competition Recurve Development Fund – a program run by our XQuest Archery Club. (Criteria must be met to be eligible).

Entry into our Competitive Program is limited to 8 participants per category (Youth and Adult) and those interested should speak to our head coach.


Archers spend three hours per week with our lead coach Doreen. Our head coach Janice will attend most sessions, however, is not always in attendance due to a variety of factors. That being said, Janice is responsible for setting the training plans and so any pertinent athlete development information is passed through weekly meetings between the coaches.

Athletes will meet with the head coach for a debrief once every 6 weeks to discuss feedback and performance. These debriefs are essential to athlete development and are the product of the group sessions and a review of the athlete journals.

The Program runs on Saturdays from 1:30 to 4:30 pm.

  • follow the training plan as set out by the coaching staff.
    • updated after each debrief.
  • attend Saturday group training sessions, regularly & on time.
    • it’s ok to miss the odd session due to extenuating circumstances.
  • in addition to group training, practice individual training at least one other time per week.
  • outdoor training expected during warmer weather seasons.
    • membership to the outdoor range is not included.
  • complete your athlete journal following each session.
    • this would include writing down your thoughts regarding your training experiences – things like documenting arrow counts, any session goals, what you are focusing on currently; mental or physical, etc.
  • attending any tournaments recommended by your coaches.
  • provide each athlete with an individualized training plan.
    • these training plans are updated following each the athlete debrief.
  • review the athlete journal and provide constructive feedback through the debrief process.
    • athlete debriefs are a process that takes place every 6 weeks through an interview held with the head coach.
  • provide ongoing coaching and feedback through the group session training process.
  • accompany athletes to any tournaments where the coach is allowed.
    • some tournaments, a head coach will be assigned by the prevailing archery organization.

Athlete Fee Structure




Included in your fees are the following:

  • your MEMBERSHIP & your FOB fee for the quarter.
  • group sessions each Saturday.
    • these sessions are 3 hours in length.
    • sometimes, sessions are cancelled – usually for holiday weekends.
  • an individualized training plan.
  • journal reviews & athlete debriefs.
  • the accompaniment of a coach to qualifying tournaments (where applicable).

Here’s what the program would cost otherwise:

    • $165.00 (adult)
    • $95.00 (youth)
  • FOB
    • not available on 3 month memberships
    • $32.00 (per hour)
    • there are typically 10 group sessions per quarter; 3 hours each.
    • $75.00
    • $15.00
    • there are typically 2 scheduled per quarter.
    • free under 50km.
    • $100 per tournament over $50km.
    • typically 2-3 times per year if the athlete qualifies.

The resulting cost per quarter, without the program:

  • ~$1,305.00 (adult) – a savings of ~$855.00
  • ~$1,235.00 (youth) – a savings of ~$785.00

** taxes not included.

Coaching Staff

Dedicated to the Competitive Program

Janice Clark


Doreen Howes


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