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We specialize in Olympic recurve archery equipment and are here to help equip you with whatever you need.

Xquest Archery is locally owned and operated. We have an onsite Pro-Shop to address your needs in archery sales and service.

Our facility is family oriented and focuses on developing the individual, not just the athlete. Whether you would like to try archery for the first time or you are an experienced shooter, our family-friendly facility can accommodate all ages and skill levels.

Our facility is for those that want more than what a general sports store can offer. We specialize in Olympic recurve equipment with knowledgeable and friendly service.

We are part of an ever-increasing community of archery enthusiasts in the Ottawa area. We invite you to get involved, send us an email, give us a call, visit our store, take a class. You’ll be glad you did. The ‘x’ is the center of the target, the mark, sometimes called the bullseye. Xquest is the desire to be right on the mark, where your aim is true.

Our approach to archery is based on solid values of integrity, discipline and focus.

It is our belief that the endeavour and pursuit of this ancient art and sport is beneficial to mind, body and spirit and can enrich every aspect of one’s life.

Limb Exchange Program

At XQuest Archery, we offer a limb exchange program.  This program is available to anyone who purchases their ILF bow kit through our shop.  

It is extremely important that new shooters do not start off over bowed.  The draw weight of the bow should be such that the new archer can learn good shooting form with ease.  Our limb exchange program allows the archer to gradually and comfortably increase (or decrease) their draw weight.

The poundage on the limbs isn’t the whole story.  Multiply that by the number of arrows shot and that will give you the total amount of work that you have done in a shooting session.  Archery is a precision sport which requires many repetitions and a draw weight that severely limits your repetitions will hinder your ability to learn good shooting form.

Remember:  It’s better to get a slow 10 then a fast MISS!

Offer limited to specific ILF entry level limbs, type and colour may vary.  The initial purchase is for the full price of limbs. Limbs may not be new but will be in good condition under warranty.

Archery 360 Feed

There are many interesting and helpful articles and videos on Archery 360 website below are current highlights.

Come and experience the passion for archery at XQuest Archery