Group Two

The ultimate goal is to free Sir Alden from his curse by solving the puzzles and challenges and uncovering the truth. Participants must also return the cursed totem to its rightful place, thereby breaking the archer’s curse.

For the best experience, only open the hint toggles if you are truly stuck on a problem.

They exist for guidance when you are uncertain and having a hard time moving forward, not to solve the puzzles for you.

HINT #1 - News
after scanning the QR code posted on the walls of the range, search the page for some news. What information really stands out to you?
HINT #2 - Person of Interest
on the newspaper, there is a bolded name circled by a coffee stain. What else in that paragraph is highlighted and what is it telling you to do?
HINT #3 - Retrieving the Notes
on the news paper, there is a bolded quote by Sarah, what is she telling you that happened to her and how can you apply that to what you see on the buttress?
Clue Criteria Met - Newspaper
the criteria to flip the clue is met once all archers in the group pierce the silhouette of Sarah Matthews.
HINT #4 - Order of Notes
after retrieving Sarah’s paper notes, note the order in which she discusses her findings.
HINT #5 - Numbers & Letters
a hex code. an interesting find indeed! but where else have I seen this colour in the range?
HINT #6 - Sir Alden's Riddle
there are 5 riddles, what also matches this number?
HINT #7 - Order of Riddles
there’s an order to everything, including the riddles.
HINT #8 - Riddle Application
after retrieving the portrait, and ordering them, what item might accept a 5 digit code?
HINT #9 - The Clocks
it would be useful to use your hex code to identify what belongs to you.
from within the clocks, what similarities do you notice?
can you decipher and order?
HINT #10 - Time is Key
where have I seen this phrase before?
HINT #11 - Which Key is Which
there is something on the group page, in Sarah’s notes, that will help you to identify your key.
HINT #12 - What's in the Box
there’s something to that hex code

If you are really stuck, ask the pro shop staff member for help!