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Welcome thrill-seekers, ghost hunters, and investigators alike. We’re happy to have you here and we’re hopeful that this group of intelligent minds will be the key to unlocking the mystery and setting the ghost of Sir Alden free. Frankly, we need the space back and he’s killing our revenue.

To begin with, it would be best to divide your efforts for the most ideal outcome. Split into 4 even groups (the maximum amount of people in a single group should be 6). You do not need 4 groups in order to complete all of the puzzles however, so if there are 9 or less participants, split into 3 even groups – 6 or less, you can choose to be 2 even groups or a single large group.

Each group will then choose a buttress. Each buttress contains clues to help you exercise the ghost of Sir Alden and destroy the curse that keeps him bound to this place.

For those of you who have never attempted such a thing before, let me explain.

There will be no outside intervention, you are to identify and solve all of the clues on your own – or mostly. If you do get stuck, or are in desperate need of a hint, you can find hints in the hint section on your group page below. Each clue will tell you what specific hint is related to it.

If, at any time you do feel like you need human intervention, you can absolutely call one of the pro-shop staff to your assistance.

You will be solving a combination of physical and digital clues. Some of the clues will unlock information only found on your group’s individual page.

Keep in mind that some of the clues will have more than one application.

I really encourage you to take a few minutes, after forming your groups but before everyone begins, to take a look around. Everyone should take a walk down to their buttress and take note of what you can see – do NOT touch anything on the buttresses of course, but take a look.

One item can be found in the meeting area in front of the pro shop. When solving that puzzle, ensure that only one group goes at a time.

There is obviously an archery component to this escape room, but not everything can be solved with a bow and arrow. Because different groups will be solving clues at different rates RANGE SAFETY & ETIQUETTE is of utmost importance.

Some archery specific rules:

For the purposes of this game, athletes may NOT shoot more than 3 arrows per end.

To stay as close as possible to archery, if a puzzle is solved by shooting something on the buttress, each member of the group MUST contribute to a successful shot. For example, if the puzzle is solved by a single clue, then each archer must successfully shoot that clue. However, if a puzzle is solved by shooting multiple clues, then each athlete must shoot at least one piece.

Range Safety & Etiquette

As a refresher:

  • use your senses – be vigilant and aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • remain behind the bow racks unless you are shooting or collecting arrows from the buttresses.
    • no clues or objects necessary for you to solve the puzzle will be on the shooting side of the bow racks – with the exception of clues you can shoot on the buttresses themselves.
  • if you are the last person to retrieve your arrows and cross the shooting line, call clear to let people know that they can begin shooting.
  • before you even approach the shooting line, ensure that everyone participating in the activity is behind the bow racks.
  • before anyone passes the shooting line to collect arrows, the last person to have completed shooting must call clear.
  • you do not nock an arrow if you are not standing on the shooting line.
  • be courteous of other athletes – communication is key! if everyone is basically done shooting, do not approach the line, wait for the archers to collect their arrows or decide on a second shooting line.
  • if at any time you have concerns, or feel unsafe, raise these concerns with staff and they can guide the shooting process.
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Clue Hint #1
Clue Hint #2

Clue Criteria Met – see hints page if stuck.

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